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my guest reviewer

So. Been out of fanfic for a while due to RL. Things happen. We all know that.

The bug finally bit again and so I posted. It was great to connect to many I haven't talked to in so long!!! I was a little concerned when I came home and had no email updates on reviews, tho. (this was before finding my reviews, btw) So I went on fanfic and checked my updata stream. At some point I'd turned everything off because, probably, I was so in RL than fanfic I could give a fuck for and I was tired of people asking for updates.

So I turn review allerts back on and PM too. For some reason, before I left fanfic, I moderated guest reviews. I left that on, not remembering why.

Recentlu updated two fics. Received a guest review for each one. "Are you updating Pretty Gril or did you lie?"


Never promised, only said it was rolling around the brain. Give me a fucking break and get a life of your own. It's been HOW long since pretty girl was posted?! You waited this fucking long to say something annoymous?! Screw you and the horse you tried to ride in on.

Happy Birthday, Possessed!!!

Love you, hon!


God I hate this shit...

So, I have this piece entitled Pretty Girl that I posted to FF (ages ago!)  because I like their system a hell of a lot better than Dokuga. Someone (forget who) pressured me into posting Pretty Girl on Dokuga after I was said and done posting the drabble on FF. Now, I want to make it clear that I wrote the whole thing and had it ALL down completed before I even posted the first piece on FF. This took me four months on insanity--as I was focused on PG entirely. I even worked on it during my breaks and lunches at work.

So I began posting it on Dokuga to appease someone, but fuck me. It's three-hundred and something chapters long and I don't have the time of day to remember to update on a site I hardly get anything from--or fucking go to any more because the reading is SHIT (yes , I said this)--in the first place. So I've been slow on the uploads there...doing it when I remember that "whoa...I have a story to upload, dude". 

After one of those such sessions, I received THIS review (which is one of the reasons I hate to upload to Dokuga):

tetralis has submitted the following review for Pretty Girl:

I followed your story in fanfiction.net and loved it despite being a drabble -I don't like drabbles really, they drag on too long, especially when updating takes forever and for just a handful of words; it seems that drabbles are all people write now a days, though. I was a little disappointed when it just ended like that, but appeased when you mentioned a sequel. Now I'm guessing the delay it due to your adding the story here. But judging by how your updates are so far in between and by the amount of chapters this story still has left, I feel that by the time you do add a sequel, if you ever really do, I'd forgotten what your story was all about. I won't be holding my breath, that's for sure.

This comment was posted anonymously.

ANONYMOUSLY.... Talk shit and run like a little bitch is all that says.

So I tried to look this person up based upon the name left to leave a remark. Several times in the past I've connected with someone this way and, honestly, several of my regular Dokuga readers--when I upload there--review anonymous.  I know them, though. They are like a well worn blanket, lol. However, with this person (using ALL available options), I received NADA.

Punk ass bitch.

I uploaded 317 chapters on FF in seven months. Screw you. Do better. Oh wait. Can't find you....

Forgive the language or tone I've used hence, but it's been a hell of a week at work and I don't have time to deal with fanfic readers whines...

So, basically, my point of posting this (other than personal gratification of calling whoever tetralis is a self-important dork of major proportions--my youngest would call he/she LAME!) , is to leave my reply to them that I could not deliver on Dokuga thanks to the nonexistent system of regulating reviews. And if I'm wrong on this matter--if I cannot say NO ANONYMOUS REVIEWS on the website--then please correct me. PLEASE!  Did this on FF and it solved a WORLD of ass-hurts (them--not me).

More than likely, this reply will not be as nicely worded as it was in my mind when I went on search for them the night before...

Dear tetralis,

While I'm glad you enjoyed PG on FF, I do not write for your enjoyment. I write for my own. I write to relieve stress that comes from real life--you do know what that is, right?. Writing fanfic is a joy and I'm not about to allow whatever pressure you "think" you have, to make that joy into something sour and bitter.

The second part of PG is in no way affected by the posting of the first part on Dokuga. Reviews like yours make me want to vomit. Seriously. There are stories I've been reading for YEARS that have uploaded once a year--if I am even that lucky. The author's work is so fucking remarkable that I haven't forgotten a moment. And no way in hell am I placing myself in that column, but hell. I've been around the block enough, hon. The second part of PG is going to be able to be enjoyed--because I know the fickle nature of readers--without the person EVER having had to read the first part (though, honestly, that's their loss, lol). No. It's nowhere near completed. But it won't be uploaded until it is.

If you can possibly remember something for some moment of time and are around for the sequel--that you don't need to read the first one to get into--then good for you. If you just can't sink your teeth into another drabble series--fuck you for you that on a personal basis--you OBVIOUSLY have no life outside of fanfic (I was in that stage, I know)-- and being someone who was there before I have nothing else to say on the matter.... It's something you need to personally work out.

As for me, you're nothing but a sentence on a  computer screen.  The only thing that bothers me is the fact that you were too cowardly to leave me any way to trace your comment back to you. Way to go, reviewer. You've made a strong basis for everything else you do in the future.


PS. May I add a very gallant FUCK YOU! without seeming a bit too much?!

(author's answer: No, you may not!)

(you might have to turn the volume up to hear)

I'm sorry. I am the LAST person to come to if you want to talk political mumbo-jumbo (aptly shown with my previous words). BUT this is just making me eye-roll. I hate Perry. He's a jackass. If you can, try and find the entire video of what I just posted above. I have and can't. He curses at the DPS officer and throws a tantrum worthy of any two-year-old. It was ridiculous.

This man as President?


I'd rather have Palin.

(insert multi-language warning that speaker is accountable for nothing, will have no smart, savvy replies for anything, and general gives not a fig for politics--seems putting food on the table is more important)
So....someone whom I'm not sure wishes to be known and I were talking earlier today and decided it would be fun to come up with Forth facts like there are Chuck Norris facts. Throw in someone else whom I'm not sure wishes to be named (hell, I'd proudly splay it across someone else's backside that it was me :P) and this is what happened....

Forth...you are just too much fun and this is how we celebrate you!

Read more...if you dareCollapse )
If ANYONE has ANYTHING to add....please feel free to comment below. Who knows? We may end up with our own web site one day, lol.

Happy Birthday, Katie24h!

May your special day be everything wonderful and bright, with love abounding and all things displeasing far from your sight!


wandering thoughts...and internet finds

I really, really, really, really wanna do this to someone's office for some reason. The hanging water bottle HAS to be the kicker!

something funny for your Naruto fans...

Just drooling over Itachi the other day and decided to check out some artwork on DA...
Itachi funnies...Collapse )

The last one just cracked me the F up.

Happy Birthday, Abraxas!

He SEES you! And he knows it's your birthday. So he's invited Kouga over for some fun with you...



still just silly...and strange

I changed silly to inane and Word is still speaking daiyoukai thoughts. Now, there's another silly in there and if I go for synonyms of that one it gives me the right ones. Wow. Just wow.